The main discipline I take at Basches is Taekwondo, a stand-up martial art that uses punching and kicking for self-defence and for sparring opponents. I also take Jiu-Jitsu as a side discipline. It’s funny how I like Jiu-Jitsu now but I didn’t at first. For the last two years I have been one of my Sensei’s training partners. Three mornings a week we train at the Dojo on Taekwondo and Jiu-Jitsu one-on-one. Training with a Master Instructor has made me much better because of his observations and years of experience. When I train with someone so much better than me, I get better.

Graduation Night Sept 2015 going from yellow to Orange belt

Last Thursday we did something unusual for us and that was train both disciplines on the same morning. First we did Jiu-jitsu and then Taekwondo.  My Jiu-Jitsu uniform is blue and a thicker, heavier material. It has to be because it involves holding and pulling your opponent’s uniform. In addition, the majority of the time your are on your back or hands and knees or stomach and the uniform gets rubbed on the mat.  My Taekwondo uniform is much lighter so you can kick and punch with ease. Also, you are always on your feet and the uniform rarely contacts the floor so it doesn’t need to be heavier.

I forgot to mention once a week a Jiu-Jitsu instructor, David Mullinax, comes in and helps us. I call him the AxMan because of his last name. He points out improvements we can make and gives suggestions.

Martial Arts is great to add to your workouts and it doesn’t matter what age or physical condition you are in. I started at age 54 and it’s brought my body to a higher level of toughness than just a gym workout would have given me. And studying stand up and ground combat makes me ready just about any kind of attack. So don’t be afraid of martial arts. Just get started and if you have questions just ask me.

David, Sensei Basche, and me goofing around.