About ten years ago I worked out with a friend who also was a certified personal trainer.  Instead of thinking I knew more than her I started doing her workouts and through mine away.  We did one body part per day and I still do this workout structure today and really enjoy it.

On Thursdays we did arms as I still do now.  Earlier this year I discovered a new bar at Spiece called the Multibar which is held vertically not horizontally as in conventional barbells.  One of the members at Spiece gave me advice on building the forearms and biceps with multibar curls and I’ve doing them ever since.  They seem to be helping because I vary my grip spacing on the three handle sets.

Since June 2022 my gym home is Catalyst Fitness and last week I found they have a multibar!   It will be used in my future workouts.  Look for one at your gym and take it for a workout.