I’ve been doing Taekwondo since 2014 and got my Black Belt in 2018. It’s a standing martial art which uses kicks and punches for defense.  For the last four years I’ve been training with Sensei Basche in the mornings. We spar one on one or do kicking/Punching drills.

Thanks to his desire to keep learning martial arts, we also do the ground martial art, Jiu-Jitsu.  This is done on alternate days.  We wear a heavier, thicker uniform because grabbing and holding the uniform is common in Jiu-Jitsu.  Chokes like the Ezekiel and joint locks like arm bars are used to submit your opponent.

Having the ability to fight and defend standing up or on the ground gives me tremendous confidence.  If I’m ever attacked while standing, I could defend myself with my Taekwondo. If I get knocked down or attacked while laying on the ground then my Jiu-Jitsu takes over.

So if you’re mastering one type of martial art, consider learning the basics of another one so you can be more versatile.

Me and Sensei Basche 2018