We take time to clean our rooms, desks, e-mails and schedules – yet we often overlook cleaning the most valuable tool we have – our minds.  When it comes to meditation, getting started is the hardest part – just like with any new habit. What’s very helpful is that you get to see its benefits after just a short while; just a few sessions in and you’ll notice that setting aside as little as 5 minutes every day to sit still with your body and mind goes a long way. Meditation clears your mind of any stress, fear, anxiety, worries, repetitive thought patterns or any other bugs flying around your head, and this makes it so worth the effort! 

Don’t be afraid to use some other tools to create a little meditation mood in the space around you, perhaps by lighting some candles, switching off your gadgets, dimming the light, playing some relaxing music, using essential oils – you name it. Like many others, you may find that the time you take to set the mood before you meditate (for instance, the time you take to light the candles) helps you relax even before you start being physically still.

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