This Tuesday I was at my gym doing my shoulder workout.  Six to eight exercises are typically done and I was finishing up doing floor side laterals for the medial deltoids.  The new Legend Squat rack was nearby and I noticed the bar resting on it.  If you don’t know about this machine, I wrote an article about it so look for it here.

The barbell bar was at a good height for me to grasp it easily and overhead presses came to mind.  This would be my eighth exercise today and a good finisher.  The yellow straps were moved out of the way and the bar was lifted off the supports and 10 reps were done.  No plates were added to the bar to make it heavier.  This is the Texas squat bar and someone told me it weighs about 55 pounds.  The normal Olympic bar weighs 45 pounds.

I’ll have to add this exercise to my regular shoulder rotation since I rarely see this legend squat machine utilized by Catalyst members. And the standing overhead press works the back and legs a little as the body stabilizes itself when the weight is overhead.

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