One day this month I needed some food items and I decided to shop at Krogers Market Place. I ran out of bottled Lime Juice and bananas the day before and my wife needed an item. I don’t have any loyalty to just one food store as I shop at Aldi’s, Krogers, Meijr and a couple of Amish families near me.
I get coupons from Krogers in the mail and was intending to use three of them on almond butter, bandages and avocados.  While I was shopping, I remembered I needed beets and yogurt which were picked up also.  I also grabbed 2 cans of black beans since I use a lot of them in chili.  

I thought everything went well, but when I got home, I discovered the coupons still in my pocket and NO Lime Juice in the bags!  Well. I guess I’m going back again!  The ironic thing is I had a list on my phone, yet I still missed lime juice.