If you want a fun, practical and beneficial workout then try a heavy bag workout.  You’ll work up a sweat quickly depending on how much you move around the bag. I do front, round, side and step-behind side kicks on them. Today I didn’t punch at all because of sore elbows, and hands from martial arts this week.  When I started several years ago I used boxing gloves and  shoes – now it’s bare knuckles and bare feet.

Last month I added something to my heavy bag workout.  I put the wave master standing target near the heavybag so both could be kicked and punched.  The Wave Master doesn’t swing like a heavybag but it rocks on it’s pedestal depending how hard it is struck.   This setup simulates two attackers and gives me a good test of moving between both objects.

I’m still trying to get Spiece Fitness to move one of the heavybags back to the original location which is just 10 feet where this video was shot.   If you look on the heavybag stand, there is another heavybag on the stand which needs to be moved.