I compare my current gym, Catalyst Fitness, with my old gym quite often.   Spiece Fitness had a lot going for it in it’s prime and I was lucky to be there. They had a lap swimming pool, whirlpool, 1/9 mile track, two huge weight rooms, cardio area, a sports performance turf area, eight basketball courts and many group fitness classes in three classrooms.  

Spiece has really gone downhill since 2020 and will probably never be as good as it was.  The group classes have dwindled in number, the pools are gone.  The two huge weight rooms have been combined into a smaller one along with the cardio equipment.  The center area is empty but the Sports performance area still remains. 

When I tell Catalyst members I used to be at Spiece , they assume it’s closed but I don’t think so.  From intel from my moles inside Spiece, it’s still open.   I shouldn’t compare the two gyms any longer because I look at them from two different time periods – the present for Catalyst and two years ago for Spiece.  I need to stop living in the past.  From now on I will not discuss Spiece Fitness with Catalyst members unless they ask me.  The Spiece I fondly remember doesn’t exist any more.

Catalyst is my gym now and you should come out for a tour. Let me know and I’ll see if I can give you one.  It’s got a lot going for it. 

My old gym has deteriorated over the last two years