I only spin one wheel at a time and I do it at Spiece Fitness!  One of the group fitness classes I have been taking is Spinning.  No we’re not on our feet turning round and round – we’re on very nice stationary bikes peddling and getting our cardio on.


This Saturday morning after Jiu-Jitsu at Basches, I came in to Spiece and took Kim’s Spin class at 0705.   It’s a good way to loosen up and get some leg work and cardio in.  We go as hard as we want and Kim gives us suggestions along the way.  To simulate hills and wind she cues us when to add resistance on the resistance dial as we peddle.  Kim plays good music which helps us keep rhythm while peddling and it helps to distract me so I can work harder on the bike.

If you don’t already do spin class,  try it at your gym. It’s better in a group.