Last Saturday at Spiece while I was working my chest on the incline bench press I had something interesting happen. Derek, the personal trainer, had just finished spotting me and we were in between sets.  We heard a voice behind us say, “Shane. Are you coming to class?” It was almost 10AM and Group Centergy was about to start.  Lisa, the Centergy Instructor, was the one who asked me because I have been taking Centergy for a while now.  I said, “Yes, Ma’am”, and I proceeded into the SpinZone where Group Centergy is held. Lisa joked that we needed our token male to complete the class.  This made me laugh and it felt good that she would take her time to invite me back to Saturday class.

Centergy combines Yoga and Pilates with great instructors and modern music. It’s a great class that keeps me limber and flexible as I get older.  I have a pinched nerve in my back from sitting at a desk for 30 years and not stretching properly throughout the work day.  Centergy is slowly opening my hips, back and other areas of my body as long as I do it twice a week.  I usually take it on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 915AM and sometimes Saturdays at 10AM. Lately, I’ve only made one Tuesday or Thursday class so Saturday has been a make-up class.

I recommend Centergy for everybody no matter their age, condition or gender.  It has helped me with martial arts and I can kick higher since taking the class. Yesterday, around 10AM I was kicking and punching the heavy bag and before Lisa came to get me, I walked into Centergy class. She said, “Good – we have our token male so we can start.”  Come and join us at Centergy and have fun getting more flexible, limber and stronger.

Me and Derek just before Lisa asked me about Centergy.